Impact of magntic field on presentationof Refrigerator:A review

  • Dangle Priyanka Aru PG Student, ME Heat power, Matoshri college of Engineering & Research center Nashik, Maharashtra, India


The paper exhibits the impact of a magnetic field on presentation of vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Magnetic field is imperative wellspring of energy this energy is utilized for development in execution of vapor compression refrigeration system. It results in reduction of consistency of liquid streaming which further lessens the compressor power required and indicates increment in COP of system. This survey considered different research papers demonstrating constructive outcome on presentation of vapor compression system by applying magnetic field toward the end condenser. For this situation sets of magnets are utilized.

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Aru DP, Ghuge NC. Impact of Magntic Field on
Presentation of Refrigerator: A Review. J Adv Res
Electri Engg Tech 2020; 4(1): 14-17


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