Optimized Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheme: A Comparative Study

  • Bhanupriya Sharma
Keywords: Keywords: Cognitive Radio(CRs), Spectrum Sensing, Secondary users (SUs), Primary Users (PUs), Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Optimization, Fusion Centre (FC), Cognitive Radio Base Station( CR-BS)


An encouraging technology that grabs the clash between spectrum
scarcity and underutilization is Cognitive Radio (CR), spectrum sensing
is the main task of cognitive radio. Cooperative spectrum sensing
overcomes the adverse effect of shadowing and multipath. In this
paper, the optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing has been
proposed in order to optimize the overall performance by variation
of SNR. In this optimization process, three parameters; spectrum
sensing technique used locally, SNR and the number of users have
been considered. Decision made by all the users is sent to the fusion
center which estimate the final presence or absence of primary user.

Author Biography

Bhanupriya Sharma

Department of Electronics & Communication, Modi Institute of Technology, Nayagaon, Rawatbhata Road, Kota (Rajasthan).


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