Religion and Human Rights: The New Dimensions to the Society


There are various dimensions to the study in order to understand the religion and human rights. We need to analyse the various dimensions like religious, practical, narrative, philosophical, legal Institutional or social, emotional, phenomenological and materialistic dimensions etc. Attempts have been made to show the importance and futility of rights in the society. The greatest challenge of today is the interplay of nations and the clash of civilizations. From time immemorial, human beings have been associated with religion. Religious prophets, Gurus, saints and incarnations have played an important role in establishing human rights by teaching human beings to distinguish right and wrong through their teachings. In the light of man’s interrelationship with religion and in the light of sacred religious texts, human rights can be defined under
different standards of society. This study seeks to consider the different dimensions of religion and human rights, the logical and non - logical beliefs and rituals within the needs of society.

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