Journal of Advanced Research in Information Technology, Systems & Management is a peer reviewed Journal that emphasizes all prospective & applications of Information Technology and promulgates both the original research papers and industrial experience-analysis studies and reports with a view to provide scholarly research in original research papers and real time innovations, development and advancement in different disciplines of Information Technology in industries.

The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:

Information Technology, Information Systems, Information and Communication Technology, Information  Technology and Management, Information Systems and Change Management, Information Technology in Communications and Convergence, Information Technology in Computer Security, Banking, Finance,Healthcare & Business, Information Technology in Security and Digital Forensics, Information Technology in Customer Relationship Management, Qualitative Information Systems Research,System Control and Information Processing, Multimedia Intelligence and Security, Big Data Intelligence,Technology Policy and Law, Data Mining, Modeling and Management, Multimedia Information Systems,Research and innovations in destination marketing using technology, Radio Frequency Identification Technology and Applications, Computational Systems Engineering, Networking and Virtual Organizations and more.