Journal of Advanced Research in Image Processing and Applications is devoted to the publication of original scientific research findings, methodological developments, and opinions in the form of original and review articles, brief reports, short articles, letters to the editor, proceedings of symposia, debates, etc.

The Journal publishes the work related to the following fields:

Advance Image Processing concepts, Digital Image Processing, Embedded Image processing systems, Image processing applications, Image capturing, Image analysis and interpretation, Image analysis and recognition, Image Filtering and Enhancement, Image sensing, Image permanence, Image databases, Image representation, Image Coding and transmission, Imaging systems and image scanning, Imaging and vision systems Architecture, Real-time Image processing hardware and architecture, Signal-processing aspects of image processing, Character and handwritten text recognition, Remote image sensing, Communication of visual data, Cognitive aspects of image understanding, Biomedical Imaging, Machine vision and robotic systems, Monitoring and surveillance systems, Object modeling and knowledge acquisition, Storage and transmission, Underwater Imaging, Video coding algorithms and technologies, Processing and analysis, Protocols for packet video, Document image understanding, Display and printing, Color imaging, Data fusion from multiple sensor inputs, Photopolymers, Photoconductors, Prepress and printing technologies, Photographic emulsions, Visual inspection, Multimedia Techniques, Scene modeling, Thermograph, Optical Coherent Tomography, Electro-photography, Latent image, Non-impact printing technologies, Network architecture for real-time video transport, New visual services over ATM/packet network