Brain to Brain Communication Using Brain Computer Interface

  • Rama Bhardwaj Department of Electronics and Communication Arya Institute of Engineering Technology & Management, Jaipur


A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a communication system that
interprets brain signals formed from dissimilar activity into commands
for a system. Deprived of doing any physical activity we can objective
use our brain to give commands to the system and that will do effort
for us. This movement existence commonly restrained by Electro
Encephalography (EEG). We can usage this technique to generate a
non-verbal communication between two or more people. BCI is one of
the new investigations and experts are still try to progress it improved
so that in future inactivated can effortlessly do their work. We essential
to understand BCI’s due to the tests regarding ethics obtainable by
new expertise.

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Bhardwaj R, Kumar D, Singh S et al. Brain to Brain
Communication using Brain Computer Interface.
J Adv Res Image Proc Appl 2020; 3(1): 19-21


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